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Free Parenting Classes, Consultations, Discussion Groups, & Support Groups

Free parenting classes and support groups for Sussex County NJ parents are offered through Project Sussex Kids.

Smart Parents,
Strong Communities

Take the Guesswork out of Parenting!

Project Self-Sufficiency's Smart Parents, Strong Communities public health initiative targets parents, healthcare professionals, educators, and caregivers of children up to the age of five using the Triple P Positive Parenting Program.

  • Primary care consultations.

  • Online parenting classes.

  • In-person discussion groups.

  • In-person seminars at PSS and sites throughout the community.

  • Offered in English and in Spanish.

To Register for a Parenting Class, Call 973-940-3500

Learn strategies to improve behavior, address emotional health, and promote knowledge of parenting and child development. Participants can also access to concrete support in times of need, such as food, job skills training programs, childcare and preschool, legal assistance, and referrals to community resources.

Parenting Workshops are offered by Project Self-Sufficiency.
Parenting Seminars are hosted by Project Self-Sufficiency.


One-hour seminars, in-person or virtual, address Positive Parenting, Raising Confident, Competent Children, and Raising Resilient Children.

Support groups for parents are offered by Project Self-Sufficiency.

Support Groups

Share challenges and success stories, get tips about parenting issues with this virtual support group.

Healthcare providers consult with parents regarding parenting goals.


One-on-one consultations between parents and educators or healthcare professionals targeting specific parenting goals.

Discussion groups focus on specific parenting challenges.

Discussion Groups

Community groups meet to address specific parenting challenges, from behavior to toilet-training to bedtime strategies.

Support Groups for parents at Project Self-Sufficiency

 Regularly scheduled, virtual parent support groups help Sussex County NJ parents. 

Parent Support Group

Sussex County NJ parents are invited to gain insights, share frustrations, and success stories with other parents in regularly scheduled support groups.  Discuss behavioral issues, discipline techniques, communication strategies, screen time, and more. 


Call 973-940-3500 for log-in details.

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