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Free Workshops & Trainings for Parents

Get the help you need to keep your family safe and healthy by attending free workshops and trainings

offered through Project Sussex Kids.

Happy Children

Connections Matter

Cultivating Resilience in Children & Adolescents

Father and Son

Understanding ACEs

Building Self-Healing Communities

Girl at the Pediatrician

Health Equity

Discuss Disparities in Healthcare Access


Enough Abuse

Child Sexual Assault Prevention

Connections Matter

Ideal for parents, community residents, and community providers.

Funded by the NJ Department of Children and Families and led by Prevent Child Abuse NJ this training is designed to engage providers, parents and community members in building caring connections to improve resiliency. Learn how to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma and discuss how caring connections serve as a primary buffer in the negative effects of trauma.


  • Intensive ACEs education

  • Impact on neurological development

  • Research-based information, educational videos and peer to peer interaction.

  • Tips and strategies for building resiliency skills in youth and adolescents by providing hope for those that have experienced ACES.

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Understanding ACEs

Ideal for parents, community residents, and community providers.

Designed to provide rapid dissemination of information that promotes the understanding of how adversity affects health and well-being throughout life. It conjures new ways of thinking and motivates individuals to take action. The training is supported by licensed presentation materials and can be facilitated anywhere in New Jersey.

  • ACES research, including strengths, weaknesses and implications

  • Impact of ACES on brain development (brain biology, neuroscience, epigenetics)

  • Community core protective systems capacity

  • Importance of attachment and belonging

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Health Equity

Ideal for parents, community residents, and community providers.

Review disparities in access to healthcare for different races/ethnicities, with a particular emphasis on maternal and child health for minority populations.


  • Explore the definition of health equity

  • Review values, assumptions and beliefs regarding health and access to care

  • Discuss statistics related to infant and maternal mortality

  • Explore implicit bias in regards to this topic.

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Enough Abuse

Ideal for teens, parents, community residents, and community providers.

A child sexual abuse prevention effort originated through the Ms. Foundation in Massachusetts.   The training is based on Jenna’s story about surviving child sexual abuse.


  • Discuss signs of sexual abuse in children

  • Risk factors for youth

  • Explanations for why abuse is difficult to discern

  • How to get help for victims

  • How to report child sexual abuse

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